Life after COVID

Life after COVID Group Therapy

Life after COVID Group Therapy will provide an opportunity to reflect together both the individual and shared meaning of life after COVID, validating each others’ experiences and becoming support pillars for each other. Based on evidence-based and research-based practice of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), we will work together in recognizing cognitive distortions and changing thinking patterns using the CBT triangle of thoughts, feelings and behaviors as well as the DBT model of acceptance and change.

Through learning the theory behind the interventions and putting them into practice with the assistance of one another, we will develop to become more mature in the face of an adversity such as COVID. We will create strategies together in coping with the anxiety, depression or any other heightened emotions that come with isolation.

What you’ll learn:

-Effective Goal setting (SMART) (behavioural activation, include evidence/explanation for impact on depression)

-Change your thinking patterns (thought pattern distortions)

-Connection between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors

-Effective coping skills for acute anxiety and depression (mindfulness, breathing, PMR)

-Learn to identify and address your emotions


Workshop details:

Background and info about CBT, DBT, and group therapy


Is this workshop for me?

-Those experiencing new or heightened anxiety and/or depression due to or since the start of the pandemic

-Those looking to understand how to address new emotions

-Those looking to build new, healthy coping skills

-Those looking to share their experiences and relate to others