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When you come into rediscover psych you can sit down with an Edmonton psychologist for a free 15 minute consultation. There is no obligation and you do not need a referral to do this. We have three locations to serve you best and would love to have you meet with an Edmonton psychologist either in person, virtually or over the phone. You can find affordable Edmonton psychologist by calling rediscover psych to set up this appointment.

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We know that individuals, families and couples have issues that hold them back from having the best relationship success. Many couples come into see us because they are having conflict issues and they know that they need some outside help. We have seen the same conflict issue mistakes being made over and over again and would love to help you in your relationship if you are experiencing this as well. We want you to rediscover yourself and rediscover your connections.

Three reasons for divorce are conflict, irretrievable breakdown in relationship and arguing. Couples come in showing these conflict issues and we help by offering some communication strategies that are achievable and practical. We notice that there five common mistakes being made around conflict, and we help couples through this.

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The first mistake being made is that many couples let go of the conflict and do not deal with it. What ends up happening is the same argument comes up over and over again and is never really worked through. This can be frustrating and hopeless for the couple and the individual. What we help the couple do is come to negotiation in the relationship and compromise. We do this by looking at the individuals value systems and the couples value systems and help them bridge the gap between the two.

The next mistake that people make is trying to fix the other person or change their point of view. Each person comes into the relationship with their own unique perspective only help you maintain that but also to understand each other’s unique experience.

If you find your raising your voice a lot and it is harming your relationship then you are making another mistake that most couples make in their relationship. What usually happens is the other person becomes defensive and nothing is solved in the argument. This can cause them to go into fight or flight mode.

If you are calling names or putting your friends and family down of your partner or being sarcastic than you are causing contempt in your relationship. What we do is help you to build the bond again between you by allowing for admiration and respect. We use a gentle startup reproach where conflicts are not ignored and they are dealt with properly. The point is to restore respect love fondness and trust so that your relationship does not have harmful behaviours in it. If you are finding that you are scoffing at your partner this causes emotional damage over time.

Edmonton Psychologist | Excel At Conflict

If you finding that you are not excelling in your relationships and you need some outside help it is time to see an Edmonton psychologist. In Edmonton psychologist from rediscover psych can sit down with you either in person, virtually or over the phone. We offer an affordable Edmonton psychologist and are so confident that we can help you that we will give you a free 15 minute consult.

There is no obligation and no referral is needed. With three locations to serve you where we offer individual, couples or family therapy. We are well-known to treat anxiety, depression and PTSD. We also offer therapy for all the issues that arise in a relationship and on an individual level.

Many couples come into see us because they are showing signs of conflict issues and so we offer communication strategies that help them work through this. We know that they need to deal with this conflict because one of the most common causes of divorce is conflict. The other causes are irretrievable breakdown in the relationship and arguing.

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There are some common mistakes that are made around conflict that couples face. The first is they do not deal with the conflict and rather let try to let it go. We help couples talk about their conflict issues and give them communication strategies to do this. We do not want you to have the same argument over and over again and never getting a different result. It is not about finding a resolution but rather finding a negotiation or compromise by digging underneath the argument to see what is there. We help you to find what is underneath the argument in the value systems that are being played out in your relationship.

If you try to fix the other person or try to change the perspective you are making another mistake in conflict. You might but heads on different perspectives and never go further than that. Instead we want you to flesh out the point of view of each person and take an approach where you understand the other person’s perspective and walk a mile in their shoes.

If you are always raising her voice to be heard and understood you might be causing the other person to become defensive and your relationship. This can also cause them to go into fight or flight mode and as you can tell this does not deal with the conflict either.

Calling names or putting the friends and family down of your partner in your relationship as well as being sarcastic causes contempt. When you scoff at your partner it creates emotional damage that does not go away over time. There is a loss of respect, trust, love and fondness. This is all detrimental to your relationship and we help you build back the bond so that there is admiration and respect by using a gentle startup approach. Avoiding conflict leads to much bigger emotions and we never want you to do that.