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If you are spinning your wheels in your relationships it might be time just sit with in Edmonton psychologist to help you work through the issues you are experiencing. Sometimes you just do not know what you are doing wrong and it just takes that expert outside of the issue to give you the tools that you need to move forward. You might be making some common mistakes and there is no guilt and asking for help to work through them with an Edmonton psychologist.

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At rediscover psych we offer you a 15 minute free consult with in Edmonton psychologist. We offer in person, virtual or telephone appointments with an affordable Edmonton psychologist. We treat anxiety, depression and PTSD and no referral is needed to see us. We even offer three locations to serve you best.

Maybe you are making the same five common mistakes the couples make in conflict. But you do not want to find yourself at the brink of divorce. The three top reasons for divorce are conflict, irretrievable breakdown in the relationship and arguing. Often times couples come in showing that they have conflict issues and we help by offering them communication strategies to work through this.

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One of the first mistakes that people make around conflict is letting it go without talking about it. They want to avoid their spouses reaction and so just ignore the conflict altogether. What ends up happening is the conflict leads to arguments that come up over and over again because they are never resolved. We do not help you resolve the conflict but we do help you uncover it to see what is underneath and causing the arguments.

We do a deep dive into what your value systems are as a couple and as individuals and have become to negotiation or compromise in your relationship so you can move forward and not end up in divorce.

We try to always fix the other person or change their point of view you probably found that your butting heads on differing perspectives. 50% or less the time will you ever be of the change the other person’s perspective so it is a fruitless task to try. Instead we ask that you flush out your point of view and adopt your partners perspective for a moment while suspending your own. Becoming an active listener is key to this.

If you are always raising her voice to be heard and seen in your relationship you are probably causing the other person to be defensive. This in turn will make them go into a fight or flight mode and this becomes an unhealthy way to deal with conflict.

Calling names or putting the friends and family down of your partner is another way to add contempt to your relationship and does nothing to help deal with the conflict as it comes up. If you are finding yourself being sarcastic or scoffing your partner than you are creating emotional damage over time that becomes detrimental to your future.

Edmonton Psychologist | Mistakes in Conflict

If you are finding cannot move forward in your relationship it might be time to sit down with in Edmonton psychologist to help you find the tools you need to have a healthy relationship. A lot of people are nervous to come and see in Edmonton psychologist but they do not need to be. At rediscover psych we offer a free 15 minute consult for you to test drive a visit with an Edmonton psychologist. We want to help you rediscover yourself and rediscover your connections. We can help you treat anxiety, depression and PTSD and no referral is needed. We even offer three locations to serve you.

See us Many couples come into see us because they are having a hard time working through the conflict issues in the relationship. We offer them communication strategies moving forward. There are five mistakes that are made in relationships and they are worth talking about. To avoid the same conflict mistakes please read the following.

The first stake most couples make is that they do not work through the conflict they just ignore hoping you will hallway. What happens is by avoiding the conflicts that you do not have to do with your spouses reaction you end up having the same argument over and over again. It is best if you just deal with it in a healthy way because every relationship has conflict so there is no shame or guilt and having conflict in your relationship.

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We do not help you find a resolution to your conflict but rather dig deep to see what is underneath the argument so we can figure out how to move forward. We want you to be able to to negotiate and compromise and meet in the middle in your relationship.

If you try to change the other person’s perspective or fixed your partner you are falling into another trap of conflict issues gone wrong. Instead of trying to change the other person we asked each person takes on the point of view of their partner and become an active listener. This helps you understand your partner and appreciate their point of view.

Raising your voice in conflict is an unhealthy way to be heard and seen. This usually makes the other person become defensive and causes them to go in to fight or flight mode and that does nothing to move forward in the relationship.

If you find yourself calling your partner names or putting their friends and family down and being sarcastic your causing contempt in your relationship. This needs to stop because it causes emotional damage over time that is detrimental to the future of your relationship. There will be a loss of respect, love, fondness, trust and admiration. We help you by using a gentle start up approach to building back the bond in your relationship. We want you there to be admiration and respect not just an avoidance of conflict.