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Maybe you have always wondered if you should meet with Edmonton psychologist. If you have been spinning your wheels and coming up to the same issues over and over again it is probably a good idea to take and manage of our free 15 minute call with an Edmonton psychologist. At rediscover psychological services we offer in person, virtual or telephone appointments with an affordable psychologist. There is no referral needed and we have three locations to serve you better.

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When you talk with us you will discover that you can rediscover your self and your connections. We want you to live a fulfilled and happy life that is why we opened our practice so that we could help people achieve that. We discovered that many individuals, couples and families need help in therapy to overcome the common issues that these relationships experience.

Many times couples come in because they are showing signs of conflict issues. We offer them communication strategies that they can use right away. There are some common mistakes when it comes to dealing with conflict and we do not want you to keep spinning your wheels wondering if it is going to be a different result. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. If you are going insane with yourself or in your relationships and it is time to sit down with an Edmonton psychologist and let us help you to it.

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We know that the divorce rate is really high at 40%. This is why we offer couples counselling and therapy through a small setting but also in a workshop setting. You can take advantage of either one and see if it is a great fit for you. There are common mistakes that many couples make around conflict which is one of the reasons that people divorce.

The first reason for conflicts being dealt with wrong is letting it go and not talking through it and about it. Many times a partner will avoid the conflict to avoid the spouses reaction. This becomes the same argument over and over again. If you remember the definition of insanity you will see how this plays out the same way. The goal is not to find a resolution but rather to help the couple come to negotiation or compromise by looking deeply what is underneath the argument and what value systems are in play. We help them uncover all of this through therapy.

If you are trying to fix the other personal the time or change their perspective to match her own second mistake that many couples make when dealing with conflict. What ends up happening is you become stubborn and but heads against each other because of your differing perspectives. What we do is we ask one partner to hold the other’s point of view to really understand it while suspending their own personal perspective. This helps them to gain insight and hopefully have some compassion for the other person.

Edmonton Psychologist | Ways to Improve Conflict

Seeing an Edmonton psychologist is not as scary as it seems. At rediscover site we offer you a free 15 minute consult to sit down with an Edmonton psychologist. We also offer in person, virtual and over the phone appointments to see an affordable Edmonton psychologist. At our practice we offer individual, couples and family therapy. We treat anxiety, depression, PTSD and any issues you find within a relationship. We want you to live a fulfilled and happy life. Life is too short to just exist. We want you to rediscover yourself and rediscover your connections.

When dealing with couples we have noticed there are three main causes of divorce. Conflict, irretrievable breakdown in the relationship and arguing. When couples come in they show that they have conflict issues and we help by giving them an indication strategies that we can use immediately. A lot of times we notice that couples you commit the same common mistakes when dealing with conflict.

The first thing we see is that they let it go without talking about it. They avoid the spouses reaction by avoiding the conflict altogether. Typically this is like sweeping it under the rug and hoping that it will go away. It does not actually go away it ends up coming back over and over again so that it becomes unbearable and insurmountable. So it seems. We help you to give you hope that you can work through the conflict when you come in for therapy with rediscover psych.

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We do not want you having the same argument but we also do not give you a resolution to the argument. We help you uncover the conflict to see what is underneath and do a deep dive into what value systems are at play. From there we help you come to negotiation and compromise in your relationship so that both parties feel validated, and their needs are met.

If you try to always fix the other person or try to change their perspective life becomes not only monotonous but unfulfilling. Each person comes with their own unique perspective and that is the beauty of a relationship. Sometimes I can turn into butting heads when there is always differing perspectives. We help you to flush out those perspectives and have one party hold the point of view of the other while suspending their own personal point of view. This allows for you to really understand and value your partner and what they bring to the relationship.

If you are constantly raising your voice to be heard in your relationship this is another mistake you are making around conflict. What ends up happening is the other person becomes quite defensive. From here that person usually goes into a fight or flight mode. As you can tell that does not serve you well in your relationship and it does nothing to work through the conflict.