Edmonton Psychologist | The Ultimate Guide To Conflict

At rediscover psych we want to offer you a chance to sit down with an Edmonton psychologist. You can even take advantage of a free 15 minute consult with an Edmonton psychologist. We created rediscover psychological services to bring a safe and supportive space for each person to tell their own story and discover more about themselves as well as how they relate to others in relationship. We help you rediscover yourself by nourishing and strengthening yourself. We perform a lot of self-discovery so that you can be healed and have a higher level of happiness.

Edmonton Psychologist

By helping you rediscover yourself we know that you will eventually be able to rediscover your connection with the friends and partners around you. We want you to feel a deeper and more fulfilling connection and that is why we offer in person, virtual and over the phone appointments with an affordable Edmonton psychologist.

As said we offer individual, couples and family therapy so that we can help you with all of the needs you have in your life skills. There is no referral needed and we have three locations to serve you best.

When couples come into see us to help rediscover their connection, we notice that they have conflict issues. We help them by offering communication strategies rather than just trying to resolve the conflict. Resolving the conflict is great but it is really about negotiating and compromising within a conflict. Every relationship has conflict because of the two different perspectives that are coming into a relationship.

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Maybe you are making the same mistakes that others are around conflict by letting go and not dealing with it as it comes up. You may doing this because you want to avoid your spouse’s reaction. The problem with doing this is that conflict never really gets resolved or worked through and the same argument comes out over and over again. When you think about insanity this is an easy way to understand how this does not work there cannot inflict. Insanity is where you do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

You will never get something different you will always find yourself in the same spot dealing with the same argument or conflict. You Cannot ignore it and hope it will go away it just does not work like that in relationships. What ends up happening is it drives people further apart and makes it harder to come back together to negotiate and compromise and build a lasting fruitful connection.

Maybe you find that you are trying to fix the other person or change their perspective in the conflict. You this is a common way to deal with conflict in a poor manner. You will not have very high success doing this so what we suggest instead is you find out what the other person’s perspective is and adopted for a moment in time. It is best if you suspend your own point of view and see through the lens of your partner. This helps you to overcome your differences.

Edmonton Psychologist | Rediscover Your Connection

At rediscover psychological services we help you by offering a free 15 minute consult with an Edmonton psychologist. Maybe you have been spinning your wheels hoping to make changes but never really seeing the results that you want. Maybe you want to have a happier more fulfilled life but cannot seem to find the right tools or missing puzzle pieces for your own life as well as in your relationships. This is not uncommon, and we really do not want you to feel shame in not figuring it out for yourself.

This is why we offer therapy for individuals, couples and families where you sit down with an Edmonton psychologist to work through the issues that you are finding are too hard to overcome alone. An Edmonton psychologist can help you redirect your life by rediscovering yourself and your connections.

A lot of times couples come in showing that they have conflict issues and we help them work through those by giving them effective communication strategies. We do not want to just solve the communication problems by giving an answer how to make conflict go away. The thing about conflict is it is a healthy part of a relationship. If you have bought into the idea that having conflict means your relationship is off course or bad in some way then you are making a common mistake.

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Conflict is actually very normal because to differing opinions are coming into one relationship and of course there is going to be conflict eventually. The way we work through it is what makes the difference in building a lasting fruitful connection that can help you go deeper and be more fulfilling in the end.

At rediscover psychology we help you by giving you a safe and supportive environment where an Edmonton psychologist is present. Because we know the divorce rate is so high we realize that helping couples through their conflicts is going to bring that statistic down. That is why rediscover psych was created. There are common mistakes that couples make when dealing with conflict.

The first is they do not deal with it and they ignore it. They are worried what their spouses reactions going to be and so they just ignore it and push their own feelings down. What ends up happening is a resentment starts growing and a loss of respect and love for the other person pops up.

Another mistake that couples make is trying to fix the other person or change their perspective. This usually ends up looking like two heads butting because of the differing perspectives. What we help couples do is uncover what the other person is feeling. From there we have the one couple take on the point of view of the other while suspending their own personal point of view. This helps you to understand your partner and have some empathy.