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If you have been struggling with trying to learn more about yourself and your relationships it might be time to see an Edmonton psychologist. When you come to rediscover psychology we offer you a free 15 minute consult with an Edmonton psychologist. We also offer three locations to serve you best and keep in mind you can come in person, virtually or have an over the phone appointment with an Edmonton psychologist. You have nothing to lose by just meeting with someone and getting an outside perspective on how to manage the situations in your life that you are not happy with.

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The whole point of creating rediscover psychology was to help people deal with anxiety, depression and even PTSD. What we found is that many people needed help on an individual level before they could work on a couples or family level. We offer help with all of these areas so that people can live a healthier and happier life. Life is too short to be in a constant state of anxiety where you are not achieving your goals.

Many couples come in because they are showing issues in dealing with conflict and conflict happens to be one of the three main reasons that people get divorced. It is amazing when couples come in to deal with this before it is too late because the divorce rate is really high. Three common reasons for divorce are conflict, irretrievable breakdown in the relationship and arguing. We want to help you work through those issues rather than just ignoring them and hoping they will go away.

We do not want you to be another statistic added to that high divorce rate. We help you to rediscover yourself as well as rediscover your connections. Ultimately this all leads to a better life with fulfilment and vibrancy.

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When it comes to conflict there are five main mistakes that couples make. The first one is they do not deal with the conflict they try to ignore it. They let it go instead of talking through it and about it. They usually do this because they want to avoid their partner’s reaction in the moment but this is not a healthy way to work through conflict. Every relationship brings with it to different perspectives that end up becoming friction if not dealt with properly.

When couples come in and show these issues we help them with communication strategies to go forward. If conflict is not dealt with in just ignored it becomes an argument that is revisited repeatedly. Instead of trying to resolve the conflict because that is ultimately not always possible it is the goal to negotiate and compromise through the conflict together. We help couples find out what is underneath the arguments and the value systems that lie there.

If you are always trying to fix the other person in the relationship or try to alter their perspective to be more like your own you going to find that you are making the second common mistake around conflict. You will see two heads butting together that are differing in perspectives. Instead of doing this we help couples flesh out their perspectives and step in each other’s shoes.

Edmonton Psychologist | Conflict Made Simple

If you have ever realized you are losing yourself in your relationship or even just in your life it might be time to sit down with an Edmonton psychologist. You might be missing some simple strategies that can help you move forward and Edmonton psychologist could be the key to realizing what those are. When you call rediscover psychology we will set up a free 15 minute consult with an Edmonton psychologist for you. We have three locations to choose from and in addition to that we offer in person, virtual or telephone appointments to help secure needs better.

We want you living a vibrant life where you can rediscover yourself as well as rediscover your connections and relationships. Life is too short to live it unfulfilled and with anxiety. This is why rediscover was created in the first place. To help you live a more fulfilled and happier life. We do not help take away the issues in your life or the conflicts we help you work through them to make you stronger and more satisfied person.

When couples come into see us it is usually because there are conflicts and issues going on in the relationship. We do not help them get rid of the conflict but rather we offer communication strategies so they can work through it. We want to see these couples beat the odds and stay married and in relationship with the person they want to spend time with. Of course we work on the individual level even within couples therapy because each person is unique and they bring a different perspective to the relationship.

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Many times the causes of divorce are either from conflict or arguing. When it comes to conflict there some common mistakes that couples make and we help them move through these areas. The first thing couples can do that is a mistake is letting the conflict go without talking about it for dealing with it. This spouse would rather avoid the others reaction so that they do not feel uncomfortable in the moment. It can be scary voicing your perspective if you are not sure what the outcome will be.

However if you do not speak up for who you are and what your values are then you can run the risk of becoming a shell of a person because you are hiding what you really feel. What happens at this point is usually the same argument comes up over and over and it has never worked through but rather ignored hoping it will go away.

If you come into relationship trying to fix the other person or change their perspective or make them like yourself you are going to run into the second mistake around conflict. You will end up butting heads because of the differing perspectives but instead you should flesh out each other’s point of view and walk in their shoes to see how they feel and what their values are.