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If you feel like you have been spinning in circles when dealing with conflict in relationships it is time to sit down with that Edmonton psychologist. At rediscover psych we offer you a free 15 minute consult with an Edmonton psychologist. The good news is there is no referral that is needed and we have three locations to serve you best. We can help work through anxiety, depression and PTSD on an individual level. On a couples level we can work through conflict issues arguing and breakdowns in the relationship.

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We can also work on the family units by giving you communication strategies. You might want to take advantage of the in person meetings, virtual ones or telephone appointments. These are all great ways to see an affordable Edmonton psychologist.

When couples come into work through the conflict in their relationship we offer them communication strategies that are effective. There are three main causes of divorce which are conflict, irretrievable breakdown in the relationship and arguing. We work on all three of these areas so that the couple does not become another statistic of divorce.

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When it comes to conflict there are some right ways to have it and mistakes that can be made. It is not unhealthy to have conflict because you are bringing two people together that have two different perspectives but it is how you handle it makes all the difference in the relationship. The first mistake that many people make is that they let it go without dealing with the conflict. It tends to get ignored or stuffed down because you want to avoid the spouses reaction. By not dealing with the conflict you end up having the same argument over and over again and nothing ever gets worked through.

The whole goal is to not necessarily resolve the conflict because there will always be convict in a relationship but rather to find out what is going on underneath the arguing. The main purpose is to find a negotiation or compromise that works for both parties using the value systems that are in the relationship and on the individual level.

Trying to fix the other person or change their perspective to match her own is not the right way to deal with conflict either. You have a 50% chance or less of changing the perspective of the other person so there is no point in even trying. Life would be boring if we were all the same and kept all the same point of view. Instead we help you flesh out the point of view and presented to the partner so they can understand it and adopt it for a time while suspending their own point of view.

By yelling and raising your voice to make yourself heard during conflict you make the other person go on the defects. This can cause them to go into a fight or flight mode and the conflict is never dealt with in a healthy way.

Edmonton Psychologist | Avoid Top Mistakes In Conflict

Seeing an Edmonton psychologist is easy as making a phone call. At rediscover psych we want to help you rediscover yourself and rediscover your connections. We know that many people feel like they are spinning their wheels when it comes to working through conflict or issues in the breakdown of relationships. We always start was working on the cells and then move into the connections. The great news is you do not need a referral to see an Edmonton psychologist you can even have a 15 minute free consult with one.

We offer in person, virtual or telephone appointments at rediscover psychological services an affordable Edmonton psychologist is at your fingertips. It is time just start living in abundant vibrant life with purpose. We want you to be happy and live fulfilled.

Many people come in because they want to work through conflict instead of getting divorced. This shows a lot of hope for the relationship even though the divorce rate really high. The three main causes of divorce are conflict, irretrievable breakdown the relationship and arguing. When couples come in showing conflict issues we offer them communication strategies.

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There are some common mistakes made around conflict. The first is letting it go without talking about ends up hiding their feelings and that leads to resentment. It is not uncommon to see a shell of a person if this continues on in the long term. Another thing that can happen with that is having the same argument come up over and over again because it has never worked on or worked through. The goal is not to just get rid of the conflict but rather to find what is underneath it and why keeps coming up. From there it is to move to a negotiation or compromise.

Trying to fix the other person are trying to change the perspective is not a great way to deal with conflict. What we have couples do instead is flesh out their perspective and allow their partner to take on that perspective so that they can be understood and heard and seen. When you are constantly trying to change of the person you just end up butting heads because of the differing perspectives.

Raising her voice in the middle of conflict although seems like a good idea at the time because it you think you are going to be heard or understood better in fact is detrimental to the relationship. It usually put the other person on defence makes them going to fight or flight mode we have probably all been in that situation one point in our life and it never really works out very well.

Calling names putting your spouses friends and family down and being sarcastic all leads to contempt and is a terrible way to deal with conflict. It is actually the most detrimental effect in a relationship it leads to contempt and creates emotional damage over time. This damage is not forgotten either. What we help couples do is build back the bond through admiration and respect for their partner. We have them go with a gentle startup to allow for trust, respect, love and fondness to be built back up slowly.