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If you need to see an Edmonton psychologist you can call rediscover psych and we will set up a free 15 minute consult with you. When you meet with this Edmonton psychologist you will understand that you can rediscover yourself and rediscover your connections. We offer in person, virtual or telephone appointments with an affordable Edmonton psychologist. At rediscover psych we treat anxiety, depression and PTSD.

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Of course we also treat all the issues that come up in relationships and we even have ongoing workshops to help you get some practical hands-on advice. We help with individuals, couples and family through therapy. When a couple comes into see us quite often they are showing conflict issues.

We do not try to help them resolve the conflict but rather give them communication strategies going forward. We know that the statistic of divorce is pretty high at 40%. The most common causes of divorce are conflict, irretrievable breakdown in the relationship and arguing. This is why we help couples work through their conflict issues because many of them are making the same mistakes over and over again. We help you in our workshops as well to overcome these mistakes.

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One of the first mistakes made around conflict is a lot of the couples just let it go without talking through it or about it. They would rather avoid it so that they do not have to experience their partner’s reaction in the middle of conflict. It can be a scary thing to speak up for yourself and not know what to expect from the other partner. Or maybe just bad habits of coming to place where becomes a heated argument that is revisited over and over again. This is what happens when you do not talk through it and work through it just became the repeated argument.

We help couples focus on what is underneath the conflict by doing a deep dig into the value systems that are being held by the couple as well as individuals. We help each person come together and close the gap between their value systems and their individual perspectives by coming to a compromise or negotiation. There is no reason to want to change the other person but rather to understand them and learn how to communicate in a way where both people feel heard and understood.

If you try to always fix the other person or change their perspective you are going to learn that you are always butting heads against each other. These differing perspectives are a normal part of relationship and they do cause conflict. Conflict is not bad in itself it is just how you deal with it that makes all the difference. There is a less than 50% chance that you will be able to change the perspective of someone else even if you try your hardest.

What we do with couples is help them to flesh out the point of use and asked that one partner hold the other partner’s point of view and suspend their own so that they can understand better.

Edmonton Psychologist | Proven Conflict Techniques

An Edmonton psychologist can help you rediscover yourself and rediscover your connections. If you feel like you have been spinning your wheels trying to understand yourself and therefore understand your relationships it might be time to sit down with an Edmonton psychologist. It is not a shameful thing to ask for help in fact it is a mature wise decision to seek the help of a professional when you can no longer keep doing what you have been doing. Wisdom says that you need to change something to get on new outcome. You cannot keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

At rediscover psych we help you to rediscover yourself and rediscover your connections and we even offer in person, virtual or over the phone appointments with an affordable Edmonton psychologist. We help individuals, couples and families through therapy. We have been known to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD and any issues you would find in relationships. You are one phone call away to changing the trajectory of your life and having a healthier and happier purpose filled future. There is no referral needed and we even offer a free 15 minute consult to see how it can be a fit for you.

When couples come into CSA show that they have a lot of conflict issues. The good news is they come in for help which says more about their character and wanting to make a change for the better. Most divorces happen for three reasons. The first is conflict the second irretrievable breakdown in the relationship and the third is arguing. Many couples make the same mistakes around conflict and that is why we took the time here today to talk about those.

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The first mistake the many couples make is they let it go without talking about it and working through it. They would rather avoid the spouses reaction and just sweep it under the rug. This is a problem because the same argument will keep coming back up over and over again because never been dealt with in the first place. We do not help you resolve the conflict but rather work to find out what is underneath it and then come to negotiation between the partners by looking at the value systems that are held by the individual and the couple.

Another mistake that couples make as they try to fix the other person or change the other person’s point of view. This just becomes butting heads because of the differing perspectives. You have less than 50% chance of changing the other person’s point of view so instead it is redder to flesh out those pointy views and experience each other’s perspective while suspending your own.

If raising your voice is a go to in your relationship then you are making another mistake in your conflict. This just makes the other person defensive and can cause them to go into fight or flight mode. This is not a good way to handle conflict.