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By coming in and seeing in Edmonton psychologist learn how to deal with your own personal issues as well as your relationship ones. At rediscover psych we want you to take advantage of our free copy of the resiliency kit. We help you to overcome patterns that are holding you back from having a happy and fulfilled life. We do not want you to have success on an individual level as well as on a relationship level. We understand that you might be feeling anxiety or depression or maybe you are even experiencing PTSD.

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These are all treatments that we work with in therapy to help you overcome the overwhelming feeling of not being successful in life. The good thing is you can take advantage of a free minute consult with an Edmonton psychologist by just calling us and booking an appointment. We offer in person, virtual or telephone appointments with an affordable Edmonton psychologist. There is no referral needed and we have three locations in the city of Edmonton to serve you best.

Many times couples come in because they are on the brink of divorce after experiencing a lot of conflict, irretrievable breakdowns in the relationship and arguing. These are the main reasons for divorce if you come in you can work through these in a way that brings you success and rediscover your connection with your spouse. Couples come in because they are having the same conflict issues over and over again. We offer communication strategies to help them work through this. There are five mistakes that we have see that many couples are making when they are dealing with conflict.

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One of the first is that they let go of the conflict with rather than working through it and what that looks like is the same argument popping up over and over again and never getting resolved. We do not actually help you resolve the conflict we help you dig deeper to see what is underneath it and why that argument keeps coming up over and over again. We have become place of negotiation or compromise because we know that with two different people in a relationship you are going to have two different perspectives.

We help you find the values that are going on in your relationship as well as on an individual level. We help you close the gap between the two partners to be able to move forward in a healthy way.

Having conflict is not unhealthy it is how you deal with it that makes all the difference. If you are always trying to fix the other person or change their perspective then you are probably going to find that you are always butting heads against each other. These differing perspectives are unique and they should not just be pushed away. This is why two people come together and make a beautiful relationship because of the differing point of views. Instead of continuing to be in conflict with the help each person understand the other’s point of view.

Edmonton Psychologist | Rookie Conflict Mistakes

Seeing an Edmonton psychologist is as easy as calling rediscover psych for a free 15 minute consult. We help you by offering in person, virtual or telephone appointments with an affordable Edmonton psychologist. If you keep spinning your wheels over the same issues and it is time to sit down with an Edmonton psychologist. You can rest assured finding rediscover psych because we help you rediscover yourself and rediscover your connections.

You do not need a referral to see us and we have three locations to serve you best as well as online and on the phone. We want to see you live a happy and healthy life and the way you deal with your conflicts and issues. If the current way you are dealing with conflict and issues is not working for you maybe it is time to see an Edmonton psychologist to get some outside help.

Many times couples are experiencing three things that cause them to want to divorce. Conflict, irretrievable breakdown in the relationship and arguing are the three main causes. When couples come in they show conflicts that issues and we help them by offering communication strategies to work through those issues. He noticed that there many common mistakes that are made around conflict.

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The first mistake is many couples let the conflict go without talking about her working through it. They want to avoid the spouse’s reaction so they just sweep it under the rug and act like it never happened. The problem with this is that that same argument comes up over and over again until it is taken care of. We do not help you find a resolution but rather we help you come to negotiation or compromise with your partner. There are two different value systems going on and we help you find out what is underneath the conflict so that we can bring you together by understanding each other in the relationship.

If you try to fix the other person or change their perspective, you will probably find that your butting heads all the time. Again, this is like the same argument coming up over and over again and nothing ever gets fixed or resolved or taken care of. Instead of trying to change the other person we help you flesh out your own point of view and then we ask that the spouse takes on your point of view for a moment while suspending their own perspective this.

This helps gain understanding and a chance to move forward in the relationship with less friction. There will always be conflict because that is a normal thing in a relationship, but it is how you deal with that that makes all the difference. We want you to have a vibrant healthy life individually and, in your connections, so we offer couples therapy, individual therapy and even family therapy.