Edmonton Psychologist | Beware of these Conflict Mistakes

If you feel like you have tried making changes in your relationship but don’t see the results it is a great idea to sit down with an Edmonton Psychologist. You may have been trying to rediscover yourself, your life and even your relationships but keep falling into the same ruts and cannot seem to get traction or understanding. This is where sitting down with an Edmonton psychologist really make all the difference.

Edmonton Psychologist

We can help you at rediscover by setting you up with a free 15 minute consult where there is no obligation To see an Edmonton psychologist. We offer individual therapy couple therapy and family therapy. We also offer in person, virtual or over the phone payments with an affordable psychologist. Maybe you have anxiety, depression or PTSD and it is affecting not only you but the people around you. It might be time to sit down with an Edmonton psychologist.

We do at rediscover psychological services is we help you to understand your patterns and how you show up in your relationships. We dig deep into personal but then help you branch out and see how you are relating to others around you. You might be doing things you do not realize are sabotaging your relationships and even your own values. When couples come in they are usually showing signs of conflict issues.

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We do not just take their conflict and try to solve it but rather we give them communication strategies to work through it and around it. There are three reasons for divorce which are conflict, irretrievable breakdown in the relationship and arguing. When it comes to conflict there are some common mistakes that couples make.

First of all a lot of couples tend to just let the conflict go without talking about it or working through it. They are just trying to avoid the spouses reaction and hope if they sweep the conflict under the rug that it will just go away. The problem with this thinking is that it the argument usually comes right back up over and over again. This becomes exhausting and really does not get the person or the couple ahead. It is not always about finding the resolution but finding out why you keep coming to the same spot in your relationship.

We help you to find what is underneath the argument and really dig deep. We focus on negotiation and compromise in the relationship. Many couples come in with individual value systems that they interact in the world with. Couples also have their own value system within the unit of their family that is constantly being used in their relationship. We help you uncover what these are in how you can work together by coming together rather than constantly arguing.

If you are always tried to fix the other person or change their perspective you are probably making another mistake within conflict. We help you to flesh out your point of view and step into the shoes of your partner’s point of view to be able to get understanding and be able to move forward.

Edmonton’s Psychologist | What Everyone Should Know About Conflict

Sitting down and speaking with an Edmonton psychologist is not a scary thing. Maybe you are spinning your wheels trying to figure out your patterns and why you keep getting stuck in a rut in your relationships. Many people and couples especially finds that they are experiencing this and they have reached out to us at rediscover psych. We offer a free 15 minute consult with an Edmonton psychologist and no referral is needed for this. We have three locations to serve you and you can meet with an Edmonton psychologist in person, virtually or over the phone.

We offer individual therapy, couples therapy and family therapy. If you feel like you have anxiety and your nervous system is in fight or flight mode all the time it is time to sit down with an Edmonton psychologist to get some outside help. Maybe her depression is too much for you to handle anymore it is past time to meet with an Edmonton psychologist this is the case. If you have PTSD it is definitely a good idea to sit down with our therapists to give you the tools that you need to move forward in life and in your relationships.

Many couples come into CS because they are showing conflict issues and they do not know how to get past the same issue over and over again. We offer communication strategies for them to use so that they can move forward and have access. We notice that there are five common mistakes that couples make when it comes to dealing with conflict. We realize that the causes of divorce is conflict, irretrievable breakdown and arguing. This is why we offer ongoing workshops for couples where you can get hands-on practical advice as well as inspiration to move forward in your relationship.

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Many times couples let go of the conflict without working through it. What we try to do is help them come to a negotiation or compromise so that both people in the relationship feel like their values are being honoured and they can move forward in the relationship. Instead of having the same argument over and over again they actually work through the conflict and find out what is underneath.

If you find that euros trained to fix the other person are trying to change their perspective you are falling for the second mistake in conflict. You might be butting heads because of the differing perspectives in your relationship but it is time to take a step back and put your own point of view on the shelf and look through your partner’s eyes with their point of view and their perspective.

If you are raising your voice a lot to be heard and understood that you are making another mistake it comes to dealing with concept in the relationship. What tends to happen in relationships is the other person becomes defensive when they hear the loud voice and they usually going to fight or flight mode.