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It is easy to see an Edmonton psychologist. At rediscover psychology we offer you a 15 minute free consultation with an Edmonton psychologist. There is no referral that is needed to see this Edmonton psychologist and we have three locations to serve you as well as in person, virtual or telephone appointments. We offer convenience but also to deal with whatever is causing you issues in your own life and in your relationships.

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We want you to rediscover yourself and rediscover your connections. This is why rediscover psychological services was created. When you come in we can treat anxiety, depression, PTSD and any issues in your relationships.

Many couples come in because they are showing conflict issues. What we offer them our communication strategies that helps them work through this so that they do not become another statistic in the divorce rate. We have seen the three main causes of divorce are conflict, retrievable breakdown in the relationship and arguing.

There are some common mistakes that are made in conflict for couples. The problem is not that there is conflict because that is a very natural healthy thing in every relationship. We are all human and we come with their own sets of ideas and perspectives and values into relationship. It is inevitable to not butt heads with someone else when they are different from us.

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One of the first mistakes that people make in relationships is letting the conflict go without dealing with it at all. Instead of getting to the root of what is happening underneath the conflict they tend to ignore it because they do not want to experience their partner’s reaction. Sometimes the reaction can be uncomfortable and scary and therefore they ignore the conflict altogether.

All that ends up happening with this scenario is an argument comes back around repeatedly and because its never been dealt with properly in a healthy way. We help couples not resolve the conflict but rather negotiate through it and come to a compromise. This is so that both partners are happy and can keep their own values met as well as the values of the relationship met.

Another common mistake in conflict is trying to fix the other person. As mentioned before each person comes with their own perspective that is not necessarily the same as the other persons. Because of these differing perspectives we end up butting heads with each other on certain issues which causes stronghold in the relationship. The point is not to change the other person’s perspective but rather to understand their perspective and step in their shoes while suspending your own point of view. We help couples flush out the perspectives and work through them in a healthy way.

Another area that is a problem with conflict is when voices are raised in a loud way. One person feels like they are not being heard or understood so they speak louder thinking that is going to help but in essence it puts the other person on defence, and they go into the fight or flight mode. Conflict does not go away it just gets swept under the rug or explosions happen.

Edmonton Psychologist | CONFLICT Secrets You Never Knew

Have you ever wondered how easy it is to sit down with an Edmonton psychologist? It is as easy as calling rediscover psychological services. We have an Edmonton psychologist who would love to work with you so much so they offer you a free 15 minute consult before you even commit. There is no referral needed to see this Edmonton psychologist and you can meet in person, virtually or over the phone. We want to help you rediscover yourself and rediscover your connection so that you can live a full and vibrant life.

We work with individuals, couples and families to work through any issues that arise that are disconnecting them from themselves or each other. On top of that we treat anxiety and depression and even PTSD. We have a lot to offer and we have three locations to make it even more convenient for you to meet with us.

Many couples come in to see us because they are showing conflict issues that they just cannot seem to resolve and they are starting to feel like they need the outside help to work through them. There are three common reasons for divorce which are conflict, irretrievable breakdown in the relationship and arguing. The reason conflict is an issue is because it is usually done in the wrong way. A lot of people feel that having conflict is bad, but it is a healthy element in a relationship.

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Two people are coming together with different perspectives and differing ideas. Until the individuals meet and negotiate in the middle and understand their value system as a couple, that conflict is not going to be dealt with effectively.

One of the biggest mistakes the couples make when dealing with conflict is letting it go without talking through it. They usually want to avoid the spouse’s reaction and therefore sweep the conflict under the rug and is never dealt with effectively. Again conflict is not a bad thing it is just how you handle it that makes the difference. We help couples go underneath the conflict and see what is bringing it up and then from there we help them come to a place of negotiation and compromise so that they can deal with each argument as a comes up rather than having the same one, repeatedly.

Another area that conflict becomes a problem is when one person is trying to fix the other person or change their perspective somehow. Usually this looks like two heads butting up against each other because of their differing perspectives. What we help our clients achieve is understanding the other person’s point of view by stepping into their shoes and suspending their own personal perspective. We help them flush out their point of view so that they can be understood and that helps them move forward in their relationship.