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It might be time to come in and see an Edmonton psychologist if you are dealing with the same struggles over and over again. When you call rediscover psychology services we will connect you with an Edmonton psychologist for a free 15 minute consult. There is no referral that is needed for this and we offer three locations to meet you where you are at. The beauty of this is that we also offer in person meetings, virtual meetings and over the telephone appointments. We want you to lead a fulfilling and happy life not constantly struggle through personal issues or connection issues.

Edmonton Psychologist

At rediscover psychology we help you rediscover yourself and rediscover your connections. An Edmonton psychologist is waiting to help you work through anxiety, depression, PTSD or any issue that comes up in your personal life as well as in your connections.

We offer individual therapy, couples therapy and family therapy. Of course dealing with the individual is the most important part but that can also be done within a family unit or even in just a relationship. The things we help you with will affect all the other areas of your life. When couples come in showing conflict issues we help them work through the conflict by offering to communication strategies. Life is too short to live in turmoil or anxiety we want you to have a vibrant and abundant life in your self and in your connections.

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When couples come in and they show that they are working through conflict issues we help them by offering communication strategies. It is great when a couple wants to come into work on the relationship because it shows that there is promise to a happier healthier lifestyle. On the other hand couples that do not work through the conflict or the irretrievable breakdown in a relationship or constantly arguing typically end in divorce.

When dealing with conflict their common mistakes that are made. One of the first is that most couples when doing conflict wrong let it go and they do not talk about it. They ended up sweeping it under the rug because they are unsure or feel unsafe to experience their partner’s reaction in the moment. What ends up happening is the same argument is revisited over and over again and never gets dealt with. We do not necessarily want to resolve the conflict because that is not always possible.

What really is key here is coming to a compromise or negotiation to make it work in the relationship and give the couple the ability to move forward. What we do is look below the surface to see what the underlying issues are with the conflict. There are many different value systems happening in a conflict in an and in a relationship there is the ones that the individual holds and then the ones as a couple that are held. We help the couple unpack those and see how we can come to a compromise.

Edmonton Psychologist | Avoid Conflict Mistakes

If you have been circling around the same arguments with other people and connections it might be time to sit down with an Edmonton psychologist. At rediscover psychology we help you rediscover yourself and rediscover your connections. You can call us and set up a free 15 minute consult with an Edmonton psychologist. We offer three locations for you to visit with no referral needed. If you cannot come in person you can take advantage of a virtual meeting or telephone appointment with an Edmonton psychologist.

A lot of times we see individuals, couples and families. We see all of them but they all go back to the individual within the relationships. This is why we help you rediscover yourself first and then it leads to more discovery in the connections you hold with other people. Many couples come in showing conflict issues and we help them move through those issues by offering communication strategies.

To see how things could be done differently so that there is a better outcome in their relationships and ultimately with themselves. There are three main causes to divorce and they are conflict, irretrievable breakdown in the marriage and arguing.

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It is a promising thing when a couple comes in and wants to work through the relationship since we know that the divorce rate is very high. Not only can they fix and work on the relationship they have with their life partner but they can also work on relationships they have with other people outside the marriage such as their kids their parents and so on. In dealing with conflict there some common mistakes that people make that need to be addressed.

The first mistake is that many people do not deal with the conflict they just ignore it hoping it will go away. They sweep it under the rug and what ends up happening is it pops up back again and becomes a future argument in a vicious cycle. We do not want you having the same argument over and over again that is why we help you unpack what is underneath the argument so that you can move forward and find a negotiation or compromise in your relationships.

There are many value systems going on in relationships at an individual level and at a couple level. It is not about finding a real solution to the conflict but rather working through it in a negotiation mind set. If you are trying to fix the other person or alter their point of view making it similar to yours you will fall into the second trap of conflict done wrong.

We do not want to get rid of conflict because it is actually a very healthy thing in a relationship since there are two different people in the relationship. There will always be two different perspectives with a chasm in between. The point is to help each person take on the point of view of the other person so you can understand where they are coming from and how you can meet in the middle and live a vibrant abundant life as a couple in relationship.