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When people come into see us they often exhibit conflict issues and how to work through it. There are three reasons for divorce which are conflict, irretrievable rate down in the relationship and arguing. When couples come in showing that they have conflict issues we help them right away by giving them some communication strategies to use in the relationship.

Often times there are some mistakes happening in the relationship around conflict and working through it. For one thing many people try to let go of the conflict without working through it or even talking about it. This does not help because even though you are trying to avoid your spouse’s reaction the argument just comes back around and often there is resentment that comes with it. We want you to not just find a resolution to the conflict dig to find out what is underneath it.

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We help couples come to negotiation or compromise in the relationship by digging into their value systems to see what is present and being brought into the relationship. If you are trying to fix the other person are trying to change their perspective you are falling into the second trap of a mistake in conflict.

You will find that you are always butting heads because of your differing perspectives. Conflict is not a bad thing a relationship it is just how you deal with it that makes all the difference. You are not gonna change your partner to be like you nor should you want to. Each person comes into the relationship unique and that is what gives the relationship its full colour. Instead of ignoring the other person’s point of view we have each partner step into seeing the perspective of their partner. This helps bring understanding.

If you are raising your voice a lot to be heard and understood in your relationship you are probably causing your partner to become very defensive. Often times the nervous system becomes heightened and many people go into fight or flight mode and this does not move through the conflict in a healthy way. Again conflict is not unhealthy but how you deal with it can become unhealthy. We help you to find new strategies of communicating with your spouse or partner so that you do not keep falling into the same mistakes that most couples do.

Edmonton Psychologist | Five Ways To Do Conflict Differently

At rediscover psych you can sit down with an Edmonton psychologist just by giving us a call. We offer you a free 15 minute consult and no referral is needed to see this Edmonton psychologist. We have three locations to serve you better and we help you by offering in person, virtual or telephone appointments with an affordable Edmonton psychologist.

We want you to rediscover yourself and rediscover your connections. This is why we offer individual, couples and family therapy. We want you to live a happy and fulfilled life where you do not feel like you are doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Many times couples come in because they are showing conflict issues and we offer communication strategies to help them through this. The three most common causes of divorce are conflict, irretrievable breakdown in the relationship and arguing. We do not want you to become another statistic of divorce and that is why we offer you these communication strategies.

A lot of times couples make the same mistakes over again with conflict in their relationship. There are some common things like letting the conflict go and not dealing with it. We want you to talk through the conflict because every relationship has conflict. It is not unhealthy to have it but avoiding it becomes an unhealthy way to deal with it. We help you to focus on finding what is underneath the argument and deal with the value systems that are present. We help each person come to negotiation and close the gap between them by building a compromise that works for both parties.

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If you are trying to fix your partner or change their point of view to be like yours you are falling into another trap of dealing with conflict and that unhealthy way. You might be coming up against each other because your differing opinions and perspectives that that is what makes each relationship unique. Each person comes in with their own perspective and that should be valued and validated. Instead of trying to change the other person we have each individual flesh out their point of view and adopt the partner’s point of view for a moment while suspending their own. They become a listener. This makes for healthy conflict.

If you are finding that you are raising your voice a lot to be heard and understood in your relationship you are making another mistake in conflict resolution. This could often times makes the other person become defensive and it can cause them to go into flight or fight mode. As you can tell nothing is fixed and this becomes an unhealthy tactic in dealing with conflict.

If you are calling your partner names or putting their friends and family down and being sarcastic your causing contempt in your relationship and this is an unhealthy approach to dealing with conflict. You might be scoffing at them, but this causes emotional damage over time and it does not go away. What we do as your therapist is help you to build the bond back up by working on a gentle startup approach. We want you to have admiration and respect for your partner not just avoid conflict because that can lead to much bigger emotions.