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Ever felt overwhelmed with life and wondered how to move forward maybe it is time to sit down with an Edmonton psychologist. There is no shame in having an outside perspective to help you uncover and rediscover yourself as well as your connections. When you meet with an Edmonton psychologist you can do it as an individual, a couple as well as a family. I rediscover psychological services offer you a free consult with an Edmonton psychologist. There is no referral that is needed, and we have three locations to help meet you where you are at. In addition to this we offer in person meetings, virtual or telephone appointments.

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You can see an affordable psychologist to help treat any anxiety, depression, PTSD or couples and family issues. We want you to rediscover yourself and rediscover your connections so that you can live a vibrant meaningful and full life. Life is too short to waste it away with no purpose and anxiety. Often times couples come in because they are showing conflict issues and they have decided that it is time to get an outside perspective on how to work through these.

This is great that they are coming in to get help because 40% of marriages end in divorce. The three main causes of divorce are conflict, irretrievable breakdown in the relationship and arguing. When couples come in to get help, we often offer communication strategies that help them move through the conflict they might feel in their relationship. Conflict is usually done poorly and there are five common mistakes that most couples make.

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The first mistake in dealing with conflict is as it comes up often couples or one of the partners just lets it go without dealing with it. The problem with this is that it becomes an argument that is repeated over and over again. The reason that couples do this is because one of them does not want to experience the other partners reaction in the situation. It might be uncomfortable or scary for that person and instead of dealing with the conflict they end up sweeping it under the rug hoping it will go away.

Unfortunately it does not go away and it just comes up again later on. What we do at rediscover psychology is not resolve the conflict but rather help with the negotiation and compromise needed in dealing with the conflict. We help you find what is underneath the argument and find a balanced value system that both partners are happy with.

When you are always trying to fix the other person or alter their point of view it becomes a repeated conflict that never gets dealt with either. This can look like butting heads on differing perspectives. What we try to do is help our clients flush out their point of view so that the other person can adopt it for a moment in time. While they are doing that they are putting their own perspective on the shelf and really trying to understand their partners point of view and therefore needs.

Edmonton Psychologist | Is Conflict Worth It?

Have you been struggling with personal issues or relationship issues and maybe thought about seeking the help of a professional such as an Edmonton psychologist? You are not alone if you have. Many people struggle with rediscovering themselves never mind rediscovering their connections. Before you can work on a relationship you must go back to working on yourself and finding out what your own value systems are and how those are playing out in your relationships.

When you come to see an Edmonton psychologist you will get the help you need to uncover what lies beneath and some strategies on how to move forward and have more effective communication and happier relationships. The good news is that rediscover psychological services offers a free consult with an Edmonton psychologist. We even have three locations to serve you best which include in person meetings, virtual meetings or telephone appointments. We do not want to see you suffer within yourself or in your connections. This is why rediscover psychological services was created in first place.

Many couples come in because they are showing conflict issues and do not know how to get past them. They are worried that divorce is looming or maybe just even the relationship is not what they had thought it would be. The divorce statistic is really high and it is great when a couple comes and before that relationship gets to that point.

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There are three main causes of divorce which are one conflict to irretrievable breakdown in the relationship and three arguing. When it comes to conflict many couples and individuals do not understand the right way to deal with it and make the same five common mistakes around conflict.

Having conflict is not a bad thing it just shows that we are human and that we are individuals first. When we come together in a relationship we bring to perspectives together and sometimes I can be butting heads because were trying to get the other person to understand our perspective but we just do not have the effective communication skills. We are taught how to conflict properly or even communicate in such a way that helps us move forward in our relationships without ending them in a bitter way.

One of the first ways that conflict is handled poorly is through not working it out at all. A lot of times one of the partners in a relationship will ignore the conflict and just sweep it under the rug because they do not want to elicit a reaction from their partner that makes them uncomfortable. This original partner becomes a shell of a person because they are just hiding how they really feel so that they do not cause a bigger argument.

The problem with this thinking is that that argument comes up over again because it has never been dealt with properly. When you come into see someone at rediscover we help you not resolve the conflict but rather negotiate and compromise through the conflict.