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Many people not know of couples counselling, unlike familiar with individual counselling, or psychotherapy, which are well known says Edmonton psychologist, Wanda Chevrette of ReDiscover Psychology.  Fewer people utilize, or are even aware of couples counselling, which can be very helpful, regardless of how long a couple has been together, or on the state of their relationship together.

What is it?

Couples counselling is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on relationships, and the people within them. Contrary to a popular belief, couples don’t need to be married in order to benefit from couples therapy. Nor does a couple need to be experiencing difficulties in their relationship before utilizing couples therapy.

Therapy Can Benefit Healthy Relationships

In fact, a relationship that is not showing any signs of distress can benefit from couples counselling. And the therapy is beneficial for any couple who are committed to working to make the relationship they are in happy and positive. In fact, it is beneficial for all couples, even in healthy relationships to navigate a life where two people have different wants and needs, to learn how to not only understand and respect each other, learn how to compromise with each other as well.

The basic principles of couples counselling is to help couples learn skills to help them communicate, compromise and use teamwork within their relationship, explains Edmonton psychologist, Wanda Chevrette. It’s very important that couples in Canada take note, because in Canada, roughly 40% of married couples get divorced.

Couples Counselling

Edmonton Psychologist | Couples Therapy Is For All Couples

In addition to that sobering statistic, Canada has the 29th highest divorce rate in the world. However, couples who utilized couples counselling can be more likely to succeed against the odds. They can learn skills that will help them cooperate and cohabitate during the good times. And then in times of stress and tribulations, couples can utilize skills they learn to navigate the challenges in a healthy way.

Many Skills To Help Relationships

It’s also important to note, says Chevrette, that problems will inevitably happen in a relationship, sooner or later. The sooner couples can not only develop the skills that will help them navigate difficulties, the more likely they will be able to apply those skills during stressful times to get through the situation as a team. “It’s the sign of a healthy relationship, no matter what stage they get counselling at.” According to Chevrette.

And it’s not just a cookie-cutter approach to couples counselling either, at Edmonton psychologist ReDiscover Psychology. They have a wide variety of therapies and tools that they can use, depending on each individual couple, and what their unique needs are. Therapists are trained and accredited in the Gottman Method Couple Therapy. Which can be utilized for couples across any economic, racial, sexual orientation or cultural sectors. Whether it’s weekly sessions, or during a workshop couples can learn the skills that make relationships successful.

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Other tools they utilize at ReDiscover Psychology is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Reality Therapy in addition to psychotherapy. And while it’s very common for couples to seek counselling when problems arise in their relationship. Or after a particularly stressful situation, such as a death in the family, it’s not always easy, says Edmonton psychologist Wanda Chevrette, to know when to reach out for help.

Couples can benefit from counselling whether the stressors are school, work or home. An external stressor can affect both people in a relationship. Therefore, if you are struggling, make an appointment with ReDiscover Psychology today, and get the guidance that you and your partner can use.


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