Did you know that anxiety and depression are symptoms of trauma?

Sure, not everybody who feels anxious or depressed has suffered trauma, but the research shows a clear relationship between trauma and your mental health.

The research, it seems, is catching up to the mind-body connection and provides support for the very assumption that somatic therapies are based on: Trauma is stored in the body!

Have you ever heard the saying that “You can’t talk yourself out of trauma”?

Trauma is not all in your head! …and to address the root cause of suffering, healing needs to include the cellular level, the nervous system.

When you feel tired, but wired, overwhelmed, stressed out, and your thoughts are racing, while you feel depleted, and when you feel numb, hopeless and or disconnected, your sympathetic nervous system is stuck in one of its survival modes, fight, flight or freeze.

Somatic Experiencing is a holistic approach to healing trauma.

It works with body awareness, sensations, images, behaviors, and emotions and inspires healing on the level of the nervous system. It considers the mind-body connection that is so important to create changes that last.

Somatic Experiencing helps relieve trauma energy stored in your body, increases your sense of safety in life, and supports your nervous system to bounce back to balance.

In a Somatic Experiencing session, we work on building resources you can take into your life… So that you can experience a fuller range of human emotions, joy AND pain, and have more capacity to remain calm, next time when difficulty comes your way. When your nervous system is balanced, your experience of life and your response to stressors changes.

Research shows that Somatic Experiencing is an effective approach to healing the various trauma-related symptoms. It is an approach for everyone interested in a holistic approach to healing. If you are interested in booking a Somatic Experiencing session or a free 15-min consult with a somatic therapist, please contact our expert staff here.