Burn-out is not fun. Many of use are knee deep in burn out before we even recognize whats going on, myself included. If burn-out gets out of control or goes on for too long, it can lead to serious mental health issues as well as chronic fatigue. The best we can do is prevent it by one of these strategies:

Take time for you – give yourself permission to take small me-breaks throughout the day to recharge and fill your cup. Go ahead and make this a routine whether or not you are at work or home, push pause on your life and do something that makes you feel human – try taking just 10 minutes three to four times a day to do one of these things: lay down and rest your eyes, practice mindfulness, play a game on your phone, read a chapter from your book you have been trying to read for a month (most of us have one!), colour in a colouring book or paint a paint-by-numbers, text an old friend. Maybe you can think of others?

Give yourself permission to take longer to complete routine things – take 10 minutes longer in the shower or bath to sing your favourite song, let your dog set his/her pace for your walk, take extra time to eat your lunch, focusing on the taste and texture of your meal and really savouring it.

Make mindfulness a daily routine – schedule and practice 10-45 minutes a day at a time that is suitable for you. I do mine following my morning run because I feel so relaxed after a run and it allows me to get the most out of my meditation. Try an app like Insight, headspace, calm or breath.

  1. Carve out time throughout your week to develop and nurture your friendship. As humans we need connection with others, if we become too focused on work we can become disconnected to our world outside of work.

  2. Practice healthy habits by having a routine that involves a form of exercise (pick one you actually like as it will increase your chances of doing it!), sleeping and healthy eating. These are the essential ingredients to mental and physical health!

– Wanda @ ReDiscover