What are The Goals of Family Therapy

Family Therapy | The Goals of Family Therapy

Family therapy is not always necessary in working through the issues that arise within the family unit, but it has been known to effectively deal with long term serious problems. At Rediscover Psychology we recognize the family configuration could include any of the following, nuclear, single parent, blended, childless, extended and grandparent.

The main goal of utilizing family therapy is to uncover and deal with issues within the family that affect the health and functioning of it. When your family is going through a hard time or there is mental illness present, family therapy can be a very useful and hopeful tool to work through the challenges the family faces. Couples, children and even extended family members can all learn and develop the skills needed in communication and conflict resolution.

Group Therapy Is Very Helpful

At our clinic we use this psychological treatment in the group setting to help you and your family resolve issues. We know that challenges within the family can affect personal relationships, career, schoolwork, and health. Another goal of family therapy is to use a multidisciplinary approach while providing a safe place for the family members to share their feelings and experiences in hopes of overcoming conflict, enhancing communication skills, and utilizing better coping strategies.

Of all the goals in family therapy treating the family as separate beings as well as a whole is done to help the whole family function better. This therapy works on the individual level as part of the whole, not separately. By treating therapy this way, the whole family is affected in a healthy manner.

All family members must be involved to be successful

For family therapy to work, the whole family, by whichever configuration, must participate. From children to teens, and parents to extended family, wherever conflict, unhealthy patterns or issues are arising, each member is involved in the process of therapy. Each involved member will give a thorough history before therapy starts. Some data collected in the history will include medical and psychiatric elements. Other data collected will pertain to the relationships between family members and details about each member’s upbringings.

Another goal of treating the whole family is to help families stop the passing on of any recurring present problems to the next generation. It also helps to prevent new issues from affecting the family. Going forward with family therapy the family is better able to focus on a positive future where they have the skills to manage problems that may come up in the future.

Main Issues We Help Our Family Clients Overcome

Some of the main issues we witness and help our family clients overcome are communication problems, parent-child conflicts, and divorce, separation, or marital problems. Other harmful behaviours such as children’s behavioural problems, relationship issues and changes within the family system are also areas that we see and treat. When it comes to harmful behaviour, if there are one or more members of the family involved it may be better to not only engage in family therapy but also individual, couples or group therapy.

Communication Issues

Communication issues come up because not everyone has the same skills nor are they in the same place with their thoughts and core beliefs regarding finances, parenting styles etc. When these families get help through therapy, rules and boundaries are established as well as healthy methods of communication.

Parent-child conflicts

Parent-child conflicts can be hard on all members of the family. Teen and parent conflict is especially tough to navigate with the presence of poor mental health on the teen’s part. Dependency issues can arise and rules about sex can further exasperate the issue to keeping a healthy connection. Physical or emotional abuse are threats too that may need attention.

Marital problems

Marriage problems, divorce, or separation all cause upset for every member of the family. Children can feel unrest when their parents are unhappy. The turmoil is felt collectively. The goal of family therapy is to work through issues that come up in the marriage whether it’s adultery, loss of intimacy or divorce.

When there are changes within the family system like the birth of a new baby, a divorce, loss of a job, a relocation, loss of a family member, remarriage, or retirement there can be so many feelings that every member of the family experiences. We are creatures of habit and when there are significant changes in our environment it can trigger all sorts of feelings and subsequent behaviour. This may feel unexpected, but it is not a surprising response to change. Many of us do not do as well as we hope with big changes.

Trust Your Therapist To Ensure A Good Outcome

Family therapy with a trusted therapist will help the whole family work through heightened feelings and destructive behaviours. The discussion of problems and development of a plan for dealing with them is what a family therapist’s goal is in these scenarios.

If you have children in the family you have probably realized by now they are constantly changing. From the moment they are born to the day they are gone from your nest; you will have faced a myriad of challenges. Some you may have succeeded in dealing with but others you may need outside help in navigating through the trials.

Children can become anxious, moody, or depressed and especially so if there are family problems already happening. The goal with therapy is to get the children talking in a safe environment. When they are able to express their feelings and explore healthy ways of coping with stress they will be well adjusted to life and any challenging situation that comes up.

Our Lives Are Always Changing And Evolving

Life is always evolving, and new experiences come up to challenge us, but that doesn’t mean we cannot thrive in the face of change and challenge. A therapist can be your guide to working through and overcoming whatever you face as a family. If you are experiencing issues in your family unit however that looks, contact ReDiscover to set up a complimentary consultation. We have licensed therapists ready to answer your questions and direct you on your next steps in getting the support you and your family needs.